One Day in Savannah: Itinerary & Travel Guide

You can do a lot with a day trip to Savannah

If you want to dip your toes into traveling in the American Deep South, you simply must pay a visit to Savannah, Georgia. Even with only one day in Savannah, Georgia, you can get a great taste of what the city has to offer.

And I use the word “taste” here literally. Food should definitely be a key component of your day trip to Savannah. Here’s how to spend one day in Savannah, Georgia. 

This itinerary works equally well paired with an overnight stay in the city (maybe as part of a weekend getaway to Savannah) or as a Savannah day trip itinerary.

Savannah, Georgia, cityscape with Savannah river
Even with only one day in Savannah you can still see the best of this great city.

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One day Savannah itinerary

Breakfast at the Collins Quarter Cafe   

If you’re going to do Savannah in one day you need to fuel up first. Start your day with a relaxed breakfast at The Collins Quarter on Bull Street.

The Collins Quarter is a popular spot, but they did not take breakfast reservations when we were there so get there early if you can. 

In our experience it starts getting noticeably busy close to 9 a.m. There is also outdoor seating, but I loved the décor and atmosphere inside the café.   

The Collins Quarter has a lot of great gluten-free options and a few solid vegetarian options as well. Hubby recommends “Leo’s Big Breakfast,” and I really enjoyed the bananas foster French toast.

Portions here are generous. 

If you enjoy coffee drinks at all you have to try the spiced lavender mocha. It is without a doubt the best mocha I have ever tasted. Yes, it does have tiny little lavender blossoms sprinkled on the top, and they are just perfection.

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Try a Savannah food tour

Unsure about where to eat in Savannah or want to try a little from a lot of places?

Savannah is a great place to take a food tour.

You could try this popular tour of Savannah’s famous Southern cuisine.

Or try this special tour of secret spots and secret bites at famous places.

Mocha coffee drink sprinkled with lavender blossoms in a green mug on a table
Your one day in Savannah, Georgia, should definitely include a visit to the Collins Quarter Cafe. Photo: Plan, Ready, Go.

Savannah History Walking Tour  

History walking tours are a great way to get an overall picture of your destination. What better way to learn more about your destination than have a local show you around and tell you all the best stories? I know that I can appreciation a city more if a learn a little about its culture and history. 

And Savannah drips with history.  We highly recommend Genteel & Bard’s Savannah History Tour

They also offer a ghost tour. (Savannah locals like to talk about how haunted their city is. In fact, our valet at dinner one night told us that Savannah is the most haunted city in the U.S.) 

T.C. Michaels is an outstanding and friendly guide. He truly brought the city to life, from its planning and founding up to the present. If you are at all interested in the history of Savannah or even if you just want to hear some good stories from a great storyteller, give this tour a try. It will most definitely make you appreciate Savannah more as well as the people who worked so hard to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. 

Additional tours in Savannah

Lunch at Fox & Fig  

After a walking tour you will no doubt be ready for some lunch. We recommend giving the local plant-based cuisine a try at Fox & Fig Café  (321 Habersham Street). The food and service are great. Be advised that the dining room is quite small, but they do offer takeout. 

I recommend the Fox Burger and their Gunslinger Pancakes are popular. Some menu items are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free upon request. 

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One day in Savannah, Georgia

Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist  

After your lunch, take a quick walk over to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (222 East Harris Street). Though the church is a functioning parish, they are open for visitors. They suggest a $3 per adult cash donation. Photography of the interior is only allowed for personal use. 

As you would when visiting any place of worship, while you’re at St. John the Baptist please be respectful of the space and those who work and worship there.   

There are many other great Savannah sites you could see during your afternoon also: 

After your afternoon of sightseeing, it’s time to head to the Savannah River. 

Enjoy a Walk Down River Street  

I do have to admit River Street has become a rather touristy area, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a stroll down it once or twice. You might even find a souvenir to take home with you.  

If you’re feeling snackish, try River Street Sweets for their famous pralines. 

Be advised that Savannah does have an open container law, so you will likely see people walking around (especially at night) with alcoholic beverages.  

Cars are permitted to drive on River Street, but there is very limited parking.  

River Street in Savannah Georgia
Take a walk down River Street on your Savannah day trip. Photo: Plan, Ready, Go.

Dinner at Vic’s on the River 

After a day of walking through Savannah you’ll enjoy a nice, quiet dinner with a view of the river. 

We recommend making dinner reservations for Vic’s on the River  (26 E Bay St). They do offer valet parking out front on Bay Street, which will help you make your reservation on time without having to scour for a space.  

You can also get to the restaurant through Vic’s Coffee Bar on River Street. Just take the elevator up to the fourth floor.  

The food and service at Vic’s on the River are outstanding. They have a large number of gluten-free options, but they’re a little light on the vegetarian options. I was able to make a delicious dinner though out of the baby Tuscan kale salad with preserved lemon (resisting the temptation to lick my plate clean) and the fried green tomatoes with grits and goat cheese appetizer. Hubby quite enjoyed their filet with sour cream and chive mashed potatoes. 

End your day in Savannah with dessert at Leopold’s 

After dinner, of course you need to try the famous Leopold’s ice cream (212 E. Broughton St.) for dessert. Expect lines out the door if you visit Savannah during high season. In off-season or shoulder season you might only have to wait a few minutes to order.  

Leopold’s has been serving ice cream to hungry Savannah residents and tourists for 100 years. They’re probably most famous for their Tutti Frutti ice cream. I love the Savannah Socialite which is chocolate ice cream with Georgia pecans and bourbon caramel. It. Is. Delicious. 

The shop is full of all sorts of Hollywood memorabilia, because the son of the founder had a dream to work in Hollywood, so off he went. He has credits as a producer or executive producer on more than 20 films including The Sum of All Fears and Mission Impossible: III.  

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Savannah, Georgia, Travel Tips 

  • Wear comfortable shoes. With limited street parking, the best way to see Savannah is to walk around its Historic Center. 
  • Expect it to be quite warm even well into the fall or early spring, and dress appropriately for the weather. 
  • Pack a good appetite. Savannah is chock full of great food. You could honestly go to Savannah just for the food and leave happy…except for regretting the food you missed. 
  • I recommend staying in the historic downtown area. You’ll enjoy being in the heart of the city and it will reduce the need to drive around from site to site. Street parking in Savannah can be hard to come by as well as expensive. 

Where to stay in Savannah, Georgia  

If your one day in Savannah is more than just a day trip and you’re planning to stay for a night or two, we highly recommend the Marriott Savannah Riverfront (100 General McIntosh Blvd) river view rooms.

The hotel is conveniently located at the end of historic River Street, just steps from the famous Waving Girl Statue. It’s quite comfortable, and the staff are friendly. 

Check out reviews on Trip Advisor | Book here now!

Don’t miss your chance to explore this amazing city. It’s full of some amazing and quirky history. And did I mention the food?

Hotel room with a view of the Savannah River
If you want to extend your one day trip to Savannah, try a stay at the Marriott Savannah Riverfront. Photo: Plan, Ready, Go.

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One Day in Savannah: Itinerary & Travel Guide


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