41 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Travelers (Under $20)

Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for the travelers in your life? I’ve got you covered.

Whether they’re an avid hiker or camper or someone planning their first big trip, I have plenty of ideas to help you out.

I’ve rounded up awesome stocking stuffers that every traveler will love—all under $20 so you can shop without breaking the bank.

Read on to discover amazing affordable stocking stuffers for travelers to make any trip more enjoyable or remind them of their favorite trips.

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Ultra-compact portable charger

Get a full charge on your phone from a charger that it’s a little over one inch in diameter. This charger is perfect for carrying with you as you travel to make sure that you never have to worry about your phone’s battery dying.


For the money, my favorite wired earbuds for travel are the Philips Pro Wired Earbuds. You can save a few dollars if you buy earbuds for travel without a microphone.

If you want to go a little over the stocking stuffer budget limit of $20, you can get the traveler in your life a pair of affordable wireless earbuds from JLab. According to techradar, their Go Air Pop earbuds “have no business being this good for such a tiny fee.” (Find them on Amazon here.)

Stylish luggage tag

Help your favorite traveler show off their style (and easily find their luggage) with a fun luggage tag like this one from Kate Spade in leatherette (vegan leather).

Waterproof phone bag

Help your favorite traveler protect their phone while they’re out on the water or even under the water. Look for a waterproof bag that’s certified to a depth of at least several feet so that you can take photos and videos of your snorkeling and diving adventures.

Moleskine notebook

Moleskine notebooks are the perfect little books for journaling on the go or taking notes about your travels to share with others later. I prefer their plain (unlined) hardcover notebooks, but you can also get softcover, which would of course be lighter weight…so perfect for traveling.

Sleep mask

For the traveler who’s often on long-haul flights or overnight flights, a sleep mask is a must. In fact, it’s one my of favorite products to help me sleep on a plane. The Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Eye Mask comes in a lot of fun colors and is contoured for comfort. So, get as much sleep as you want without smudging your eye makeup.

Shampoo bar

Shampoo bars make a great stocking stuffer for travel lovers because they can easily go in your carry-on but you don’t have to put them in your TSA liquids bag. For those who travel carry-on only, packing toiletries for carry-on travel can be tricky. Solid toiletries can make things easier.

The Ethique solid shampoo bar is plastic-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Solid lotion

Keeping up with the solid toiletries theme, solid lotions make great stocking stuffers for travelers. Those who travel by plane frequently know that plane air can be REALLY drying. Having a solid lotion on hand to soothe dry hands or to use all over after landing makes a great gift.

Universal Plug Adapter

When traveling internationally you need to consider the power outlets and the types of plugs they take. A good universal power outlet adapter will give you great flexibility when traveling.

This one works in about 150 countries and includes a surge protector. In addition, you can plug in multiple USB charging devices.

Luggage scale

Those of us who have faced the fear of overweight bag fees understand how important it is to weigh your luggage before you fly.

And if you travel carry-on only like me, having a light, portable luggage scale that you can take with you on your trip is super helpful and handy. Those souvenir purchases may not seem like much at first but they can add up.

Travel-themed Christmas tree ornament

Get the traveler in your life started on their travel-themed Christmas tree by giving them a travel-themed Christmas tree ornament like this one. I love the little travel stickers on the suitcase like an old-timey steamer truck might have had.

Passport holder cover

Protect your passport from damage and identity theft with this stylish cover that comes in all sorts of fun colors. There’s also space for cash, ID cards, credit cards, and more. Take advantage of this cover’s RFID blocking to prevent electronic identity theft.

The slim design makes it easy to slip into a travel purse, day bag, or backpack.

Vintage Yellowstone T-shirt

I love the design of this vintage-style Yellowstone T-shirt. It comes in several great colors with sizes for men and women plus youth sizes. 

Travel first aid kit

First aid kits aren’t super exciting, but they’re sure handy to have when you need one. This one is great for travelers. It weighs less than half a pound but holds over 100 pieces of first aid supplies.

It’s perfect to keep in your car on road trips or toss in your backpack when you go on a day hike.

RFID blocking wallet

Among my favorite ideas for stocking stuffers for travelers is an RFID-blocking wallet. It will help you protect your credit and debit cards from electronic identity theft. 

What’s more, its low profile makes it thin enough to fit in your front pockets without creating an unattractive bulge that could attract potential thieves. Although, I generally advocate against carrying items externally while traveling (for security reasons).

Streamlight Stylus pen light

My hubby rarely travels anywhere without a flashlight.

At just over 4 inches long and 0.5 inches in diameter, the Streamlight Stylus is the perfect flashlight to slip into your backpack or pocket. And it weighs in at just over an ounce and a half.

It’s a great stocking stuffer for your favorite traveler.

Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Button Clicker

Here’s a stocking stuffer idea that’s perfect for solo travelers who love to take photos on their travels.

They’ll never again have to choose between taking stale people-less photos of landmarks and scenery or handing their phone over to a stranger. This Bluetooth selfie button clicker is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, and more.

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

I swear by this stuff for dry, chapped, and cracked hands. And we all know how hands can take a beating between dry airplane air and long exposure to the elements while hiking.

Badger balm

A variety pack of certified organic badger lip balm makes a great stocking stuffer for travelers. Those especially who fly a lot or who spend a lot of time outdoors will value having a good lip balm they can tuck into every bag so they’re never without it.

Compression socks

If you’re prone to swelling while flying, compression socks can be a lifesaver. Prolonged periods of sitting can lead to poor blood circulation, particularly if the space is small and cramped.


Give your favorite traveler the gift of a good night’s sleep. Mack’s earplugs are perfect for sleeping on a plane or in hotels that might be a little noisier than you would like.

My Hubby swears by these silicone putty earplugs that mold to the contours of your ear to help block out anything that might keep you awake.

Compact/travel mirror

I never travel without a compact mirror. Look for one that’s large enough to show what you need but also compact and light enough to travel with easily.

Collapsible water bottle

A collapsible water bottle makes a great stocking stuffer for travelers who especially prize saving space on their travels. This one is foldable, portable, reusable, durable, freezable, and dishwasher-safe.

turquoise collapsible water bottle

Check prices on Amazon here.

Travel Jewelry Box

Travel jewelry boxes make great stocking stuffers for travelers. This one is compact yet has plenty of space for rings and earrings, and even organizes necklaces to prevent tangling.

Look for a case with a zipper closure so that you don’t have to worry about it opening during travel and losing small items like stud earrings.

Kitsch Refillable Flat Pouch Travel Bottles Set

These travel bottles are perfect for taking your favorite beauty and hair care products with you when you travel. Each bottle in the set holds 3 ounces of product (under the TSA carry-on limit) so that you don’t have to leave behind your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or body lotion.

Smartwool socks

Get your favorite traveler the gift of merino wool socks in their stocking. They’re comfortable and breathable, perfect for traveling.

Travel perfume atomizer

I love this idea for a stocking stuffer for frequent travelers. Easily take your favorite scents with you on your trip with this set of travel perfume atomizers.

Travel/camping utensil

The gobites Uno is made of virtually unbreakable nylon and is designed to work well for eating soup as well as scraping food out of bowls or other containers. The fork end has tines long enough to handle pasta and can even cut softer foods.

It makes a perfect gift for the hiker or camper in your life. Or keep it in your desk drawer to use for those days when you have to eat lunch at your desk.

Tide Travel Sink Packets

These are super practical and so handy to have on hand when you travel. You never know when your favorite traveler might need or want to wash out a few items in the sink at their hotel or hostel.

Each packet is enough to wash a few items in the sink. They’re super lightweight too, making them perfect for those who like to travel light.


If you’re going to be hand washing clothing while you travel then you definitely will need some way to hang up those wet things so they can dry without getting dirty again. A travel clothesline is perfect for camping, cruise cabins, and more.

I’d avoid any clothesline that relies on suction cups to keep it up. Those things just never really work as well as you need, you know?

Wet dry bag

A wet-dry bag is perfect for toting your wet swimsuit when it’s time to get back on the road again.

Even though they’re often marketed toward parents of babies as an environmentally friendly way to separate dirty diapers from the rest of the diaper bag without using plastic, they’re useful for so many other things. A wet-dry bag makes a great stocking stuffer for travelers.

Camping mess kit

This is one of the best stocking stuffers for hikers, backpackers, and campers. This four-piece mess kit includes a plate, bowl, and 3-in-1 spork.

The plate and bowl form an airtight seal and then you can use the tether to keep everything together including the spork.

GoTubb Small Containers

These small containers are great for traveling when you need containers for very small items such as a couple of pairs of earrings, small pills, etc. The lid also comes off with just one hand.

If you’re looking for something designed to handle toiletries such as lotions or shampoo and don’t mind spending closer to $20 or a little over, the humangear GoToob sets are quite popular. You can check them out here on Amazon.

Outdoor Element Firebiner

This handy little multi-tool is a great stocking stuffer for travelers. This small gadget includes a utility blade, bottle opener, keychain, lighter, and more.

Just clip it onto your backpack and you’ll have a great tool with you that takes up very little space. And unlike many other multi-tools, this one is quite affordable.

Outdoor journal

Have a traveler in your life who’s an outdoor enthusiast and a journaler? Get them the Rite In The Rain Weatherproof notebook. The pages repel water, grease, sweat, and mud. You will just need to keep in mind that not all writing implements are best for this kind of paper.

If your favorite traveler wants to be able to write in all weather, then consider adding in the Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Black Metal Clicker Pen. (Check it out on Amazon here.)

National parks coloring book

Travelers of all ages can enjoy this national parks coloring book featuring 24 of the most beautiful United States National Parks like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Zion, Olympic, and Acadia.

Space pen

Hikers, backpackers, campers, and more would be delighted to get a Fisher Space Pen in their stockings. It works at any angle, in zero gravity, and temperatures down to 30 degrees below zero up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Portable personal hygiene cloth

Okay, so this one is pretty niche and probably not something you’d want to buy for your mother and gift to her in front of the entire family. BUT I find this simple device pretty handy.

Hikers backpackers who want to reduce waste will appreciate that these cloths are reusable, washable, and silver infused.

Collapsible silicone mug

This heat-resistant silicone mug collapses completely to save space when camping and weighs only a couple of ounces. It’s also dishwasher safe. Perfect for a nice hot cup of coffee early in the morning while out on a camping trip.

UCO Titan StormProof Match Kit

This match kit is essential camping gear. The Titan matches burn for up to 25 seconds, stay lit under water, and are windproof. The case is also waterproof.

In other words, any outdoor enthusiast needs this bit of gear as a stocking stuffer.


Frequent travelers know how questionable water can be in certain parts of the world and certain situations. LifeStraw removes over 99.9% of harmful bacteria and parasites as well as microplastics.

Final thoughts on finding the perfect stocking stuffers for people who love to travel

Shopping for stocking stuffers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

These ideas under $20 are perfect for anyone who loves to travel—whether they’re just getting started or are experienced globetrotters.

No matter what their interests are, you’re sure to find something on this list that will help make their trip even more enjoyable.

So take a look and get shopping! Your traveler will love whatever you choose from this list.

Do you have any other great ideas for affordable stocking stuffers for travelers? Share them in the comments below!

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Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Travelers Under $20

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