22 of the Best Products for Long Flights

These are the best products to take on a long flight—long flight essentials you shouldn’t travel without  

You’re facing a long flight. Maybe you’re even dreading your long flight. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little advanced planning you can equip yourself for a comfortable long-haul flight. To help you with that I’ve compiled a list of the best products for long flights

Planning well for your next long-haul flight will help you survive, perhaps get some sleep and maybe even make it somewhat enjoyable…even in economy class. 

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Long flight essentials for personal comfort

Bringing a few well-chosen items with you can go a long way toward helping you survive your long flight even in economy

Travel blanket 

If you’re like me and you get cold on flights…even if the person sitting next to isn’t blasting the air…you go on the hunt for an airplane blanket as soon as you find your seat. 

But…those airline blankets can be rather thin. Or by the time you board they might all be spoken for. 

This travel blanket (buy it on Amazon) is made of plush fleece. It’s also machine washable and rolls up small enough to pack in your carry-on bag

Travel pillows 

Not everyone likes them, but if they can help you sleep on your flight, you should go for it.

This one is inflatable and packs small (check it out on Amazon), so it’s a great option for packing in your carry-on bag. 

If you need more neck support in a travel pillow, you might try to the Trtl Pillow (buy on Amazon).

It’s designed to keep your head in an ergonomic position while you sleep. 

Compression socks 

Sitting in place for hours on end, especially in confined quarters, can cause circulation problems.

If you have trouble with leg or foot pain or swelling after long flights, you might want to try compression socks the next time you travel.  

These compression socks (buy them on Amazon) come in a pack of six pairs and you can get them in a ton of fun colors and patterns. 

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Food and things for long-haul flights

So, confession time. Food is very important to me. Like almost to an unhealthy level; however, in my defense I do have trouble if I don’t eat regularly and my blood sugar gets low. 

So….I always make sure to take food with me on flight days because I just know meals will end up being at odd times.

And you can’t count on your flight getting in on time so you can grab something quick during your layover. 

I prefer to be prepared just in case. Granola bars (buy on Amazon) and healthy raw almonds (buy on Amazon) always find their way into our carry-on or personal item bag when we travel.

They’re our staples. 

Water bottle 

I never leave my house without a water bottle while I’m traveling.

I really love my lightweight and spill proof Super Sparrow sport water bottle. Buy it on Amazon.

I love that I can toss it in my bag and I don’t have to worry about it leaking on anything.

Electronics and entertainment accessories for long flights 

I always have to have plentiful entertainment options to keep me occupied on my flight for those times when I’m not sleeping. 


A tablet is one of the best travel accessories for long flights.

You can load it with e-books, podcast episodes, movies, music, audio books, etc. In other words, you can take whole libraries of entertainment with you on your flight. 

I carry my Samsung table (buy it on Amazon) with me every time I fly.

Download the free Kindle app onto your tablet and take your full e-book library with you.  

Audio books are a great option too. You can try Audible Plus for free just to see if you like it.  

Kindle paperwhite 

If you prefer traveling with an e-reader instead of a traditional tablet, you should check out the Kindle Paperwhite (buy it on Amazon).

It’s waterproof now, which makes it great for traveling. 

Take it to the pool, take it to the beach, or even read while you soaking in the bath tub. It can handle being under two meters of water for up to an hour.  

Check out my list of the best books to read on an airplane and find your new favorite in-flight read! 


You can’t enjoy your in-flight entertainment without a good pair of headphones. 

I prefer to pack earbuds for long flights because they’re really lightweight and pack small. Like this affordable pair you can buy on Amazon

Check out my post about products for sleeping on flights to find out how I use my earbuds to help me arrive at my destination well rested. 

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Noise cancelling headphones 

If earbuds aren’t your thing and you prefer headphones that go over your ears, you should check out some affordable noise cancelling headphones (buy on Amazon). 

They’re a #1 best seller on Amazon and feature memory foam cushioning. 

Portable charger  

If you’re going to be using electronic devices on your long-haul flight, it’s a good idea to pack a portable charger to make sure your devices never run out of juice. 

This one is ultra-compact. You can buy it on Amazon. It’s perfect for packing into your carry-on. 

Personal care products for long flights

Lip balm 

Let’s face it. Plane cabin air is drying. I never travel without healing lip balm (buy it on Amazon).  

Hydrating face mask 

Continuing on the theme of dry plane cabin air, if you are so inclined, you might wish to pack an overnight hydrating mask and apply it during your overnight flight. 

My favorite overnight mask dries down nicely…so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask. I also comes in a travel size. 

Hand sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer is a good idea to travel with period, not just for long flights.

Because honestly you just have no idea where everyone around you has been, nor how long it has been since they last washed their hands and then touched every surface on the airplane. 

Sorry. Not sorry. Get some hand sanitizer today (buy on Amazon)

Wet wipes 

And continuing the theme of hygiene, I always recommend traveling with a pack or two of wet wipes. They’re good for so many uses.

(You can buy them on Amazon.)

Breath freshener 

After hours and hours of traveling and eating, likely without brushing your teeth, no doubt you may feel the need to freshen the breath up a bit. 

I like to take Listerine Pocketpaks (buy on Amazon).

They pack easily and allow to freshen up without brushing your teeth…which you really shouldn’t be doing in the middle of an airplane anyway. 

Sleep aids 


I never travel without melatonin. And I find that the fast dissolve tables are the most effective for me to help me sleep on overnight flights (buy them on Amazon).  

If you need a gluten-free option, try the regular tablets (buy on Amazon). They’re Hubby’s preferred melatonin tablets. 

Sleep mask  

After melatonin, the thing that helps me most to sleep on a long-haul flight is a sleep mask (buy on Amazon).

I’m one of those people who likes it really dark when I sleep, so a mask really helps me a lot.  


If you struggle with sleeping on long flights, consider trying earplugs.  

Hubby likes Mack’s earplugs best (you can buy them on Amazon).

He’s a light sleeper, so any noise can keep him awake. But he was able to actually sleep on our last transatlantic when he tried some moldable silicone earplugs for the first time. 

For more helpful ideas, see my post about the best products for sleeping on an airplane. 

Final thoughts on the best products for long flights 

Yes, long flights can be challenging to get through, especially if you regularly fly economy class like we do.

But you can put together a kit of the best products for long flights that will help you keep comfortable. 

From travel blankets to audio books and from snacks to lip balm, there are many available products to help you survive a long-haul flight. 

What are your long flight essentials? Give us your recommendations in the comments below? 

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22 of the Best Products for Long Flights

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