Tips for Visiting Versailles as a Day Trip from Paris

If you’re planning a Paris itinerary, no doubt you’re also considering doing a day trip to Versailles. And why not? It’s absolutely one of the most popular sites outside Paris for day trippers.

Follow these tips for visiting Versailles so that you have the best day trip possible.

The Palace of Versailles is open for visitors and they are currently requiring all guests to make a timed entry reservation ahead of time.

Plan your Versailles day trip ahead of time

You could book a guided tour to Versailles that comes with guided transportation.

Consider booking a Versailles guided tour with transportation

Even in the summer, consider dressing warmly, or at least warm-ish, in layers.

Dress comfortably for your visit to Versailles

I recommend that you plan to visit Versailles on a Wednesday or Thursday to have the best chance to avoid the biggest crowds.

Plan to visit Versailles in the middle of the week

Understand that you’ll be dealing with crowds, lines at security, and in the women’s restrooms.

Pack your patience

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