Time-Savvy Travel Tips to Maximize Weekend Getaways

Maximizing weekend getaways is all about making the most of your precious time off.

You understand the value of those few days away from your daily schedule, so I know you want every minute to count. In this story, I’ll share tips and tricks that busy travelers swear by.

When planning a quick getaway, your choice of destination is important. Look for places within a 3 to 4-hour trip from home.

Destination selection

Plan scheduled activities to make your weekend a true break but allow room for unplanned and spontaneous moments. 

Efficient itinerary planning

Maximizing your short vacation means each hour counts. 

Start early and return late

Spare yourself the hassle of checked luggage to make the most efficient use of your time on a quick getaway.

Pack light

Before you set off, load up your devices with travel tech essentials to help you while you’re on the move.

Make use of technology for convenience

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