Things to Do on a Long Road Trip to Pass the Time

Many people dread the thought of a long drive. The monotonous scenery, hours on end in the car, and cramped spaces can make for an unpleasant trip.

But there are many fun things to do on a long road trip while driving and in between destinations. Want to learn how to survive a long road trip? Just keep reading!

If you bring plenty of road trip entertainment with you, you’ll never be without something to do to make your trip go by faster.

Bring plenty of entertainment with you

I always make sure to have a couple of great reading options with me when I road trip. Obviously, regular books are for when I’m a passenger.

Books are a  road trip “must-have”

Try having everyone in your car turn off all electronic devices and put them away (phones, iPads, etc .) for a short time.

Enjoy some good conversation

Music brings a lot of things to the table. It can help you stay awake while driving, give you something to sing along with, and give you energy.

Create your ultimate road trip playlist

Take some time during your long car ride to go over the plans for the next stop on your road trip.

Review the next phase of your itinerary

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