Road Trip Rookie? Must-know Tips for Your First Road Trip

Heading out on your first road trip is exciting for sure, but you’ll need careful planning to make it the best trip possible.

In this story, I’ll provide essential tips for your first road trip, covering everything from choosing a destination and budgeting to vehicle preparation.

Selecting a destination is an important part of planning your road trip. For first-timers, I would recommend a destination not TOO far away from home.

Choose your destination

Take the time to plan your travel itinerary and driving route carefully. I like to use Google Maps for this.

Plan your route

- Budget by estimating fuel, food, activities, accommodations, and include parking or resort fees. - Factor in additional expenses like car repairs, souvenirs, etc.

Plan your road trip budget

Some road trippers like to leave everything open and find places to stay as they go. I prefer to plan ahead, and I suggest first-time road trippers do the same.

Book accommodations in advance

Research all your stops and activities before your trip Add up all of the entrance fees and tour costs and add those to your trip budget.

Research activities in advance

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