Oops! Avoid These National Park Tourist Mistakes

First-time visitors to national parks often miss important details, like park rules or the weather forecast. However, these oversights can lead to inconvenient, or even dangerous, situations.

Staying informed and respecting park guidelines not only protects you but also preserves the parks for everyone to enjoy.

Several parks now require reservations or permits for specific activities.

Not Checking the National Park’s Website for Reservation or Permit Requirements

Plan early because accommodations in and near popular parks book up fast during peak seasons.

Not Researching Lodging Options Well in Advance

When planning your visit to a national park, you might be tempted to pack your schedule with every hike, overlook, and landmark.

Trying to Cover Too Much in Your Itinerary

It’s great to have a plan. However, sticking too closely to your plan can cause you to miss unexpected opportunities.

Sticking to Your Plan Too Rigidly

While popular spots are worth a visit, focusing solely on Instagram-famous locations may limit your overall park experience.

Only Visiting the Most Popular Spots

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