How Not to Overpack: 11 Essential Tips

Weighed down by too much luggage? Overpacking is a common travel pitfall. This story will share practical tips to help you learn how not to overpack.

You can master the art of packing lighter. Don’t worry. You will still bring enough to enjoy your trip just without the extra baggage.

Choose versatile garments that can be used in several ways or coordinate with many other items you’re packing.

Embrace the spirit of experimentation

Remember that by taking fewer items, you can move around more freely. A smaller bag also means quicker packing and unpacking.

Limit the size of your bag

Make a note of any items you didn’t use to streamline your packing.

Create a packing list ahead of time and stick to it

Downsizing toiletries can save significant space and weight in your luggage, and it’s absolutely necessary when packing toiletries for carry-on. 

Minimize your toiletries

To refine your packing list, firstly, think critically about your destination and planned activities.

Stop bringing things “just in case”

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