Don’t Miss These Florence Hidden Gems 

Florence, Italy, is a stunning and ancient (by American standards) city, full of amazing history and art…and food.

Exploring the hidden Florence is what will really round out your experience in that great city.

This museum preserves sculptures and artwork, including the renowned baptistery doors designed by Ghiberti, created for the Duomo and other buildings.

Opera Duomo Museum

While wandering Florence’s narrow, cobblestoned streets and alleys, keep your eyes peeled for Clet street art.

Clet Street Art

Savonarola is renowned for the "bonfire of the vanities," where his followers burned secular items like art and books symbolizing worldliness and decadence.

Savonarola’s convent cell

Basilica di San Lorenzo is a contender for the title of the "oldest church in Florence" and served as the family parish for the long-ruling Medici family.

Basilica di San Lorenzo

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