15 Top Grand Teton Photography Spots

Grand Teton National Park has been inspiring stunning landscape photography for generations. The iconic locations in this park keep people coming back year after year chasing that perfect shot.

In this story, I cover the best locations along with a few you might not have considered.

Oxbow Bend can also be a prime wildlife viewing area. It’s popular with moose, river otters, pelicans, and trumpeter swans.

Oxbow Bend

In addition to being a great photo opportunity, this is also a great place to just slow down and enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful natural scenery.

Snake River Overlook

Schwabacher Landing is another one of the most iconic spots to take photos in Grand Teton National Park. It’s also a good place to try your luck with wildlife viewing.

Schwabacher Landing

Photographers come to this area from literally all over the world to capture images of these barns with the beautiful Tetons behind.

Mormon Row Historic District

This stunning lake is one of the most popular places in Grand Teton National Park. Expect large numbers of people in midday, especially on weekends.

Jenny Lake

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