13 Tips for Visiting Grand Teton National Park

This story will get you on the way to having the best possible Grand Tetons trip.

I’ll cover all the basics from how to get to the Park, where to stay, plus quite a lot of things you might not have thought about.

Grand Teton National Park is fairly compact making it pretty easy to get around and basically see everything rather quickly.

Use GuideAlong

The National Park Service recommends visiting Grand Teton before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. as one of the best ways to avoid crowds in the park.

Start your day as early as possible

You can get paper maps of the park, hiking trail maps, talk to ranger staff, and more.

Stop in at a Visitor Center

When it comes to Grand Teton National Park weather it’s best to prepare of the unexpected. And dress in layers as you’re out exploring the park.

Pack layers

It’s safe to always plan on doing a lot of walking in national parks. Even if I’m not doing any “hiking,” I know I’ll want comfortable shoes.

Wear comfortable shoes

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